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Felice Tufano’s Candidacy for FIABCI Europe Regional President 2023-2024

Dear friends and colleagues,

I’m very excited to announce my candidacy for FIABCI President of  Europe 2023-2024.

Through the last six years, I’ve been learning from all of you about FIABCI’s history, mission, about our code of ethics, governance and organization, among other things.

This learning process enhanced my motivation for being part of this worldwide professional family but especially gives me the strength and right motivation to be the one who leads the progress of FIABCI’s European region during the next mandate.

Those who surround me know how passionate I am about real estate, but especially how passionate I’m about our great association, FIABCI.

I decided to present my candidacy as President of Fiabci Europe because:

Once and if I’m elected, I will focus my leadership on 4 main goals:

1. Generation of Business Opportunities

It’s time to lead a shift within the association and enhance one of the core missions of FIABCI, “conducting international business amongst the members”.

To this end, I propose to:

  • Strengthen professional relationships among members with common interests by creating groups who maintain regular contact.
  • Boost offline and online trade missions, networking and international meetings.
  • Use a platform to share our products and services.

2. Sharing information about the European real estate market situation

Now more than ever we need to join forces against all the struggles and divisions the world is facing.

We need to unite, taking advantage of our knowledge and expertise to expand our global influence.

Information is power and having it gives us the advantage of making decisions according to the circumstances, as well as the chance to identify threats or explore new opportunities to build and expand our business.

To achieve this goal I propose:

  • Sharing local market reports between countries.
  • Periodic Think Tank sessions to discuss the current real estate situation and the direction the market is heading to.
  • Networking, as one of the major benefits of FIABCI membership in Europe and around the world.

3. Gaining Knowledge of the Best Practices

Cooperation is vital to grow.

Having such a great international association is an opportunity to heighten professional standards by:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of real estate economics and markets.
  • Sharing the expertise of different real estate stakeholders such as brokers, developers, appraisers, etc.
  • By learning about real estate procedures and protocols in different European countries.
  • And by understanding the requirements of investors outside Europe who may be interested in European property.

4. Promoting and Retaining Membership

As president, I will give support and help the chapters to promote commercial missions, webinars and networking that lead to benefits for all members.

The bigger our membership the stronger and more influential we become.

To conclude, I would like to add that I will always keep an open mind towards new and better ideas. So start now!!! Feel free to share your ideas about what could be improved during my mandate.