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Tufano Capital, a real estate consulting firm
specializing in vertical assets.

Tufano Capital was created to fill the needs in three specific market niches:

1 Short, medium and long term property investments

Self-financed property Trading, acquisition and Crowdfunding.

2 Real estate divestment and sale

To provide a personalized service to all clients that wish to divest and sell their property assets, including residential buildings, office buildings, geriatric centers, hotels, plots, industrial premises, logistic centers and more…

3 Locating real estate assets

Help real estate funds, family offices and professional investors locate those real estate assets that strategically fit their business model.

Our Services

Selection of business opportunities.

Business analysis.


Management of assets.

We are constantly evolving and expanding our services, adapting the latest innovations to match market demands to our client’s needs.

We hold key tools that allow us to successfully manage the entire buying, selling and management process.
Our extensive network of national and international partners allows us to locate and cooperate with on the ground specialists that provide added value to each operation, often reducing the time while also increasing chances of success.

Our Values

We work with total discretion following the highest ethics principles, quality and transparency. We offer adapted and personalized real estate services to each client, which are meant to improve and maximize the value of their investments.

Felice Tufano

Felice Tufano is CEO & Founder of Tufano Capital
CEO of Proyecto Casa Real Estate

FIABCI President of Europe elect
FIABCI President of MKT & Networking World Committee
FIABCI Vice-president Spain

Real Estate expert, specialized in management, acquisition and disposition of property Assets to maximize their financial value as well as a large experience on fund raising and RE Crowdfunding. Felice started his real estate career in 1997. He is a real estate expert, specializing in sale, acquisition and management of real estate assets. He has a lot of experience in Real Estate fund raising. His passion for languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, German, French and Arabic) and cultures have projected his career to an international level. Our team is made of specialized experts who handle every detail of your real estate investment.

Luis Roca


He graduated in Law in 1988. He has a master’s degree in financial business management. Luis specialized for more than twenty years in real estate in particular in real estate commercial legal advice and civil, commercial and criminal economic litigation.

Francisco Coderch

Financial and tax adviser

Francesc graduated in economic and business sciences in 1989 from the University of Barcelona. He is a collegiate member consultant and economist; he developed his professional career in the administration and management of companies specializing as an economic and tax adviser.

Jordi Simo


Jordi graduated in architecture in 1997 from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura in Barcelona. He has published several articles about structure in edification in the magazine “Cuadrenos de historia de la ingenieria”. He has a wide experience in residential, commercial and restoration.

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Real Estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk.

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